Sthapati Designers


Design plan for each individual project which acts as both checklist & review for various activities like design, procurement & construction.

Objectives of Quality Plan
Achieve a consistently high level of Client Satisfaction
Develop a reputation for Professional, Innovative and Efficient Service
Continuous Improvement of Quality and Efficiency of Services
Responsibilities to the Broader Community and to the Environment
Regular Review of our Performance & Achievements

The plan includes client contact, briefing through the various stages of the implementation, Services Agreement, through to post completion feedback.

Tasks / Process
To define Design Goals.
Office Manual of Standards, References & Templates.
Development of Detailed Work Plans & assessing them w.r.t. Benchmarks.
Checklist & Records for Planning, Designing, Detailing, Estimating, Contracts, Procurement & Project Management Services.
Development & Upgradation of Standard Detailed Sheets.
A range of supporting skills including model making, CAD drawing as well as audio-visual photographic and printing systems that supports the practice.
To monitor all activities and costs throughout the construction process enabling completion date objectives and better control over the budget.
Monthly Quality Audit.
Analysis of Lessons Learnt from each project.
Analysis of achievement of Design Goals on completion of each project.
To meet the expectations of the broader community in areas such as health, safety and environmental factors.
Continuous Professional Development of the Team.